Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bird, part 2

OK, I did manage to find the time to sew my embroidery birds into zippered pouches. It only took me about three hours for both pouches, with no ripping at all. A new one for me. So that's what happens when you sew carefully?
Now if only I could make myself to make a pattern and measure and cut everything in advance, instead of cutting away fabric as I see fit. Every time I sew something, I end up throwing half of the fabric away.

First pouch - brown-greyish linen combined with brown felt, lined with a pale blue fabric that has some brownish flowers on it. The back is just plain linen, no details there.

For the pale blue bird, all pale blue. I think this fabric is meant for bed sheets, it's a tightly woven cotton and a real pain to iron. The same stuff is on the back.


  1. LOVELY!!

    Ok, I'm a huge chocolate-brown fan but it's official- I like the pale version better! A great choice of colours and fabric pattern. Didn't I tell yo it looked somehow elengant because of the lack of contrast!? Great!

    And, watch it now- quilting is very contageous! :))))

    (Love the dcorative seamings)

  2. This is sooooo beatuful! I looked and looked at the photos and just couldn't get enough. And now I had to go back and look at them again before I typed the comment. Beauty incarnate!

  3. Predivno izgleda, dopada mi se jako što si je postavila!

  4. This is the embroidery that I love!
    Clean work, clean patterns and can be shown everywhere because you can take it in your bag everywhere :)