Friday, March 6, 2009


Since all my post lately seem to alternate knitting-embroidery-knitting-embroidery, why mess with the pattern?

Here are two birds and a fine example how not to do embroidery. Both patterns are from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad.
The pale blue thread I used for the first bird is barely noticeable on the gray linen. Really, anything other than perfect weather and daylight and you hardly know it's there.

The brown one - way better. Both of these are going to be embroidery pouches (what else?). And they need to become embroidery pouches by Monday. That means I have two days to get off my lazy ass, pull out my extremely heavy Bagat sewing machine and sew something that I can give my friend for her birthday.


  1. Imaš vremena do ponedeljka, zamisli da sve radiš u poslednji čas:))! Meni se ptičice dopadaju, ova braon više...

  2. I can't see the second pic! :(

    But, I quite like it! I'm a huge fan of earthly shades and I like the lack of contrast here. It looks somehow...elegant!

  3. I can see that second picture now! It's a quite birdie, looks as thoug it's walking! Still, I really do like them both! I don't mind the lack of contrast in the first image at all!

  4. pticice su slatke a i kapica! obicno se pletenje najvise zakomplikuje kod najjednostavnijih radova :)cestitam na istrajnosti!