Friday, January 15, 2010

Bown cap / Sleeve cap

Thanks everyone for the sock suggestions! I decided to rip the top of the first one. With a heavy heart, mind you. I truly hate ripping. I added dark brown Jelka for the toes, double stranded because it was thinner then yarn used on the rest of the sock.
So here they are. Not the prettiest thing I've ever knit, that's for sure. But still, a sock is a sock. I'll just have to make another (prettier) pair to give my aunt as an apology for presenting her with this.

So that sort of takes care of one half of a very belated, handmade Christmas present.
Next up is my friend, who is getting a vest. The
Sexy Vesty vest, to be precise.
I wanted to make it in black, and set out all happy to the TWO yarn stores we have here, only to find that there is no way I'll find black yarn that contains natural fibers. It's all acrylic! So now I'll have to order yarn online, and wait 'till it gets here.

To kill time while I wait, I started another vest thingy, for myself. This is the green Merino Mix from my stash. The pattern is from Rebecca, Sweater with cap sleeves.

I love this yarn. It's so soft and strechy. And it knits up on 5 mm needles. Speedy knitting is the best!


  1. This green yarn is lovely, coming out very nice! Regarding socks, colour is what is, at least you have two even socks, but measure is very strange ... for what shoe size is it?

  2. The socks came out ok in the end, not as bad as you think. I like both vests, especially the Sexy Vesty and am waiting for photos :) The green yarn is an adorable colour, one of my favourites and speed knitting rocks - I'm making smth on 10mmm needles and it only took one day!

  3. Ova zelena boja je fantastična, jedva čekam da završiš! A čarape su ispale skroz ok.

  4. Thanks everyone!
    @romantales : Čarape su za nogu broj 36. Široki gležanj, a malo stopalo.

  5. Ooo, ipak si ih zavrsila, sjajno !!
    Zelena boja je divna, ali meni je svaka zelena divna :) Bas sam danas sam kupila pamuk skoro iste boje :)

  6. I ja imam zelena vuna,slicna nijansa, a mozda je i ista. Ceka da bude izradjena.
    Moje pitanje je isto bilo koji je ovaj broj, zato sto izgleda cudna velicina.Vidjela sam da si odgovorila i sad mi je jasno.
    Svidja mi se i "Vest" i "Sweater".Malo vise ovaj Sexy Vest.

  7. Sexy Vesty - njak! mljac! No, da ja to navučem na sebe - rupice bi bile rupetine!

    Zanimljivo to s crnom vunom - ista stvar i kod nas! (jest da ne volim raditi s crnom, ali sestrični nisam mogla šal saštrikati zbog deficita crne vunice u našim dučanima)!