Sunday, January 10, 2010


You know that feeling you get when you're knitting, that you're not going to have enough yarn?
Do you ever ignore that feeling and keep knitting anyway, because you're convinced that your half a skein will magically produce, say a whole sock? I do. And then I end up with this:

This is a very fine example of denial. I was actually surprised when I ran out of yarn. Like, how on Earth could this happen?

So, now what? Do I look everywhere for another skein of this yarn, that I bought 3 years ago, not even sure in what city, let alone which shop. Or do I try to find something of similar color and just continue? Ripping does not sound appealing.
And to make the matter worse, these were supposed to be for my 78 year old aunt. I don't think she'll care that they're multicolored, but still. You can't just give crap as gifts. Grrr!

So while I'm deciding about the fate of the socks, I went and practiced some crochet.
So behold the crochet square, that was lying flat before I added a crochet border around it - to make it lie flat. Oh cruel world!
And the not so circular circle, that has so many mistakes it's a wonder its stitches are holding together.

Crochet seems hard and like a lot of works. I don't get the turning chain, don't understand how you can do a million things in the same stitch and I don't see the stitches like I do when I'm knitting. It all looks like a bunch of knots, I can't tell where I increased, or even how many stitches I'm working with.
But, to be completely honest, I haven't read the book on crochet. Just opened it on the page where it says "crochet circle". I should probably start from the beginning. Like I said, a lot of work.


  1. I find crochet actually easier and more transparent than knitting. I suppose it's just a matter of practice. The turning chain(s) means that at the beginning of each row you have to make one or more chains so that you reach the height of the row that you are about to start. Otherwise, the beginnings of your rows would be lower than the rest of the row.

    If there's anything I can help you with regarding crochet, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm more than willing to help.

  2. Maybe it's not bad idea to use finishing yarn of first sock to make more rows on second, then to use another color to finish both with the same color?

  3. Haha! You remind me, exept that I do that about knitting!Knitting is a lot of work according to me.
    Crochet is way more easier than knitting!If you need help, I'm here also.

  4. As Jana told you, rip of the first and buy one skein whatever colour to finish both socks the same way.

  5. Kakav post, pun pitanja !!
    Za carapice - oh, da, nekada sam i ja plela i plela i mislila da ce biti dosta. Ali sada uvek proverim i racunam. Kad kupujem, uvek kupim 100gr vise :). Jedino resenje koje vidim je ili strafte sa drugom bojom na obe carape, kako rece Jana... ili potpuno sve novo, a ovu vunicu ces vec negde iskoristiti drugo.
    A heklanje ...... bolje poceti iz pocetka, lagano, polako .... barem sam ja teko, i sve je lepo islo. Ipak, pletenje mi se cini laksim, ali mozda je to stvar navike. Ipak bih rekla da je heklanje za nesto bolje, a za neke druge oblike je bolje pletenje, pa to vidim kao ... izbor oruzja :)

  6. Kad ja vidim da mi ponestaje vinuce ja počnem brže štrikati misleći da ću nadmudriti vunicu! hehe! Imam 35 na gebaći i još razmišljam poput djeteta! (a opet, kad sam kao dijete svako malo gledala film o Boško Buhi - uvijek sam se iznova nadala da na kraju neće poginuti)
    Heklanje je zarazno i kad jednom uđeš u štos" nema ti povratka! Na blogu Attik24 imaš upute tipa "za idiote" (s time da idiot nema ružno značenje, hehe), bukvalno step by step i mislim da će ti to biti dobra praksa!

  7. Gledaj to sa vedrije strane. Zamisli da si plela džemper, pa tek na kraju utvrdiš da nemaš dovoljno vunice! To te dovede do ludila, a ovo sa čarapicama te dovede do "malog" ludila:)!
    A što se heklanja tiče, samo vežbaj i biće dobro!

  8. Hey....your circle is more circular than my circles :-)
    As other have said before's just a matter of practice.
    Maybe if you tried crocheting into the front loops only? - they are usually more visible...and it makes counting rows easier :-)

  9. znam tacno o cemu pricas jer ja to konstantno radim!

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