Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nights in pink flannel ...

... reaching a very abrupt 6 AM end (damn you alarm clock)
Blog post I've written, I'm about to click send...

How's that for a Moody Blues cover? My rhyming is pretty ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as my brand new pink puppy dog print flannel pajama pants! 

Hope your eyes aren't hurting from the flashy print ;)

I stumbled onto this tutorial and my reaction was pretty much this: Must. Make. Pajama. Pants. Now. 

So I went to the store to buy some material and all they had was either monochromatic, ugly floral print or pink with white puppies. What would you have chosen? 

They're really wide lounge pants with a waist that is probably too high, but that's okay, cause all my shirts roll up when I sleep and I prefer to have something covering the small of my back. Gotta protect those kidneys!

All in all, I'm pretty proud of myself. I made pants that actually look like pants and are really comfortable to wear. The flannel is very soft and warm, and the fact that it's ridiculously pink makes it somehow even more comfy. Perfect for sleeping in and just lounging around the house. 

I even made another pair, for a friend whose birthday is coming up. Sure do hope she shares my fondness of ridiculously colorful material.


  1. "Gotta protect those kidneys" is such a wonderful and unmistakeable sign of where you (we) are from ;)

  2. Oh, yes, the kidneys... That and the fear of draft is what defines my childhood :)
    Great pajamas, the colour and the print really look warm and comfy, just what a pajama should be. Sweet dreams :)

  3. Oh your PJs are sweet :) Puppies are waaaay better then any monochromatic or ugly floral prints! I bet you'll wear them with pride!

    And the pattern.. you know it's just the time I searched for a simple n00by PJs pattern to train my sewing skills. And now I have it! Thanks! Time to sew my own pants!

  4. Divno Divno Divno !!
    Sad bih se uvukla u iste, odmah !

  5. Pa lijepo ti stoje ... izgleda da ti ipak ide to šivanje :-)
    NE znam kakav je tvoj status, jesi single ili u vezi, ali pošto si sašila pidžamu koja ti treba grijati bubrege, evo ti ja od srca želim da neđeš nekoga tko će ti grijati bubrege bez pidžame ;-)

  6. Prepisujem od Roman Tales, ali ipak, pidžama je pidžama! ;)

  7. hehehe..priznajem d aje mozda detski ali opet sta ima veze, naviknuces i onda neces moci bez njih :)
    inace moram te pohvaliti na sivanje..izgledaju savrseno