Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stitch Markers

I'm taking a small break from knitting... by preparing for more knitting. I made some stitch markers, in order to get rid of these weird plastic beads I bought couple of months ago, when making beaded jewelry was my top hobby. Pretty colors, but every bead has 3 holes. Actually, two regular holes on each side, and one semi-hole right in the middle of the bead. Why the third hole? It doesn't even go all the way trough. Guess it's a mystery.
Anyway, for these markers I used aforementioned beads and some thick wire, 1 mm in diameter, if I remember correctly. The thickness of the wire made it really hard to bend it into a nice round shape, so eventually I gave up and left them in the shape of a noose. The copper colored wire is much thinner, hence the braided, sad attempt on the far left.

"Hanging" shot:


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