Thursday, June 7, 2007


So I really should study for all my exams this month. But I so don't have the will power to sit in front of a book. It's not like it's knitting. For knitting, I will sit as long as I need in order to finish something. I've been known to sit in an armchair in front of the TV for 5 hours straight working on a project. The consequences of that were sore arms and aching back, but at least I had something to show for it - a hat or major progress on a scarf or shirt. Said progress seems to be lacking when it comes to me studying. I feel like all the information just doesn't stick to my brain.
In order to clear my head I decided to do something useful. Like organize my picture folder on my computer. And then I stumbled upon this:

It's a Sharon - take one. This is what it looked like on April 9th. I was just starting the front. The back turned out too big, so I made the front smaller in width. And then I sewed the two together. Because I simply refused to rip it. I tried it on in all its unfinished, super thick seam, threads hanging, only one strap glory and then I realized that there is a reason the front and back piece should be identical in size. It looked awful. Very much non-fitting.
I tossed it somewhere and completely forgot I ever made it. But now, amids all the studying, I have decided to frog the back and finish the Sharon properly. Making plans to be crafty still counts as crafting, right?


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