Monday, May 28, 2007

Leaf T Done!

The Leaf T-shirt is finally done. I think this may very well be the longest I ever worked on a project. Mostly because my schedule was packed, and I couldn't find a way to squeeze in a decent amount of knitting every day. But now it's done and I have a new T-shirt.

The technical stuff:
Pattern: Leaf-T by knitting school dropout

Needles: 3 mm circular
Yarn: Mirabella mercerized cotton in orange, 4 skeins
Time it took: May 13 - May 27 2007

I really liked this pattern, someday I might make another shirt in a different color. I may have to add a crochet
border to the bottom, because it curls way more than I thought it would. I also need to fix some glitches, like the extra yo I accidentally added. These things are easy to fix.
The cotton I used is a different story. The whole shirt kinda stretched in width after washing, so it's not a prefect fit, but still not a tragedy. What is a tragedy is that I lost some of the length. Add the rolling bottom and the shirt is exactly 2 cm too short. I don't plan to wear it to the opera or anywhere fancy, but c'mon! It's short! Why did this happen? I swatched! I washed the damn swatch! Nothing indicated that it would shrink.
Now I don't know what to do. Go out and buy more one more skein, and than rip the bottom edge or pick up stitches
to add more centimeters. I so don't feel like doing either of it.


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