Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DMC Light Effects

Look what my dad brought me from his business trip to Italy! It's DMC!

I feel like I'm eight years old again – you know, when your parents go on a trip, and you expect them to bring you something. 17 years ago it was mostly all about toys from Germany and foreign candy you couldn't get here. But this, this is even better than Milka chocolate... OK, I might be getting ahead of myself here. Chocolate is chocolate. But super quality embroidery thread is probably the next best thing. Or the third, after yarn. Damn, now I seem ungrateful ;-)

Anyway, I got three kits of DMC floss, in three different color schemes, each with five different cross stitch patterns and an extra pattern book. The only problem is that I don't do cross stitch. Well, no time like the present to start, right?

I already went and bought a whole meter of the white fabric with little square weave, the name of which I don't know. I think the lady at the store called it Panama?

So, this is how I start a new hobby. My seventh. Or is it eight?

As for the DMC floss, this particular version is called Light Effects. A sparkly metallic thread. I tried it on some embroidery and I regret to inform you that working with it sucks!

It's splits easily, which is great when you need to separate the threads, not so great when the thread gets separated on your embroidery piece. The texture of the thread is rough and coarse, and it's hard to pull trough the fabric. And it puckers. I tend to pull my stitches very tightly, which usually goes fine with normal cotton thread. But not with this one.

I don't know, I'll try again on a sturdier cloth. Or maybe this DMC was just meant for cross stitch?


  1. Awwww! Lovely present! I love working with DMC (I do cross stitch, though) but I haven't tried the metallic. My experience with metallic crochet yarn is also very bad, it crochets with difficulty, and it does not go through loops smoothly as most other yarns. I suppose it's the metal in them that gets caught on the cotton part of the thread when pulled over it.

  2. Kad se samo setim tog osećaja i iščekivanja da se tata vrati s puta... Divan poklon!

  3. That was cool of your dad to get that floss for you! I have trouble using metallic thread for cross stitch. It always frays and I get frustrated. By the way, there are tons of free charts on the DMC website and on the internet too. And, thanks for visiting my blog last week!

  4. Oh, konačno ti mogu ostaviti komentar ...
    Još sam ti prije htjela reći koliko su mi simpatični radovi u klasičnom vezu koje si napravila, sada samo ostaje vidjeti što ćeš iskombinirati s novim dmc koncima. Ako su iz Italije nisu jeftino plaćeni, no sigurno i sama znaš da je povoljnije kupovati online konce.