Monday, April 13, 2009

Got this far...

My fear of running out of yarn has come true. With only about 15 more centimeters to go. I've used up 7 skeins of yarn, which is 1125 meters. What is wrong with me? Just how tight do I knit? Honestly, this sweater is starting to annoy me. I've been at it for a month and a half. And now I have to order more yarn and wait for it to arrive. It'll never be finished.

I also messed up the lace pattern, after ripping it twice. Aaargh! I'm ordering new yarn tomorrow and putting this aside for at least two weeks while it arrives. By the time I finish this cardigan, it will be summer.

Sorry about the lousy picture, it was dark when I took it and flash combined with knitting never looks good.


  1. Bahhh! Is that the German yarn you order online???

    Too bad.

  2. Kad kod nešto radim sa vunicom, uvek se pitam da li ću je imati dovoljno! Ta strepnja me prati godinama, a još uvek mi se nije dogodilo da mi fali. Ali mislim da bih skroz poludela...

  3. @ zMaja - it is the German yarn! I was trying to save money by ordering only 7 skeins, cause I estimated I would only need that much. Obviously, I was wrong. Note to self: always order more than you think you'll need.

    @B bensedin art - Ovo je meni prvi put da mi fali, obicno uvijek imam viska. Da samo znas kako sam ljuta na samu sebe!