Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grandmother's favorite

While I wait for new yarn for my cardigan, I'm killing time with quick projects. Dishcloths are perfect for this - they use little yarn and knit up quickly. Or super quickly in this case. The pattern is Grandmother's Favorite, the yarn is Record 210 by Schoeller+Stahl, very colorful and soft cotton.

I used 4 mm needles and was done in about three hours. Instant gratification, yay!
Of course, now that I made it, that's it. I just sort of stare at the bright colors and don't really think about using it on dishes. It'll get ruined!
Perhaps I should dare and just go for it. When it gets stretched beyond belief, and turns pale and smelly, I'll just knit another one.


  1. haha, yes, instant grtification all right,.
    Now that I look at it, I realise that, when trying to put a concept together, I usually make at least a dozen of such square just testing out the patterns- too bad I never add a nice edging that would turn them into a dishcloth or a "brick" for a blanket one day. :))

    Lovely colours!

  2. Looks good with garter stitch!