Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dishcloth. And a dishcloth.

Not all that much knitting has been going on lately. I tried to get rid of this one skein of mercerized cotton I had lying around, and what better way to do that, than do knit some dishcloths. These also came in handy as a lace practice projects.
Both patterns are from smariek's blog.
The horsey came out nice, if I do say so myself. But the heart cloth - well, I messed up the pattern. My own fault, I didn't read the pattern first, totally ignored the notes section in the pattern and ended up with 10 stitches less than I was supposed to have. After that I just winged it, I didn't have the patience nor the skill to rip lace. Besides, it's just a dishcloth.


  1. Both your cloths came out well! Nobody will really notice the boo boo in the heart cloth. I've been meaning to make a few more of those two, but it'll have to wait until my dishcloth needles are freed up again...

  2. Thanks smariek! I love your dishcloth patterns. I think I'll make the Travelling Vine next.