Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Yarn Bag

Well, finally, the promised bag sewing from my blog title. I made myself a bag to hold my modest yarn stash. It's a pretty big bag and could be used as a beach bag in a couple of weeks (when the sea warms up). But! The fabric I made it from is weird. It dyes everything it touches pink. Literally everything. My fingers were all pink while I was sewing. I don't get it, I washed it before working with it, and it did dye the water, but I figured it wouldn't do that when dry. I was wrong. Before the yarn bag, I made a purse. I carried it on my shoulder and it reached to my waist, leaving a pink stain on my jeans. And the damn stain will not come off.

I learned my lesson. I don't plan to carry the yarn bag anywhere, I'll just use it for storage.

The yarn will not complain.
The only current problem with the yarn bag is that it's almost empty. I destashed well. But now it's time to buy more yarn!


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