Wednesday, May 2, 2007


The sock is finished! It actually only took me maybe 5 hours per sock. Perfect thing for the impatient knitter like me. I all for the instant gratification. Why I chose knitting as my latest hobby is beyond me. But enter socks that knit up very fast, and I'm a happy puppy.
It turned out rather well, in fact, it turned out so well that I wanted another. But I ran out of yarn. Yup, that's what happens when you randomly knit stuff without checking how much yarn you have.

I decided to improvise and get rid of some other scraps that I had in my stash. So I followed my variegated cuff with some orange yarn left over from a Jayne Cobb hat I made last year. And then I ran out of orange too. Enter red, also a leftover from the Jayne hat. So now I
have socks that don't match, but I don't care. I have mastered the sock knitting skill, got rid of some yarn from my stash and my feet are warm.


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